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The Secret Weapon
Millions of people play fantasy football and hundreds of websites, podcasts, and magazines are dedicated to it.  Unfortunately, almost all of that effort focuses on player picks and not how to really play the game for maximum strategic advantage.

Until now.  Finally, there is a real training system designed to give you an advantage in fantasy football.  

This system is not about the ever-changing lists of player rankings or statistical comparisons.  It is an evergreen, reusable system that gives you an immediate boost in competitiveness and will teach you how to transform into a truly elite fantasy football manager.  Use it for every league, every year.

Join former ESPN producer and fantasy sports industry expert Dave McKay for more than 7 hours of audio content as well as three exclusive companion spreadsheets.  Dave doesn't hold back any of the knowledge he has gained in more than 20,000 hours of study over the past two decades.  It's all provided in "The Program" to give you an immediate and sustainable competitive advantage in your fantasy football leagues.

(Includes: 23 audio files with more than 7 hours of content, the proprietary "3P3Z" draft prep spreadsheet, the exclusive FSB rankings spreadsheet, plus a third spreadsheet with composite rankings from the big three... and how to use it all.) - $37.00 ($83 total value)

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"3P3Z" - Proprietary Draft Prep Spreadsheet (w/ explanation of plan)

The Fantasy Sports Brain Rankings Spreadsheet

Composite Big Three Rankings Spreadsheet

Individual Audio Files from "The Program":
  • Draft Prep 101
  • Draft Prep 202
  • Draft Prep Graduate
  • Snake 101
  • Auction 101
  • Snake & Auction 202
  • Draft Day Graduate
  • In-Season 101
  • In-Season Graduate
  • Plus, six positional breakdowns
  • Also: Oddities, Keepers/Dynasties, FF101, and Prime Profile

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