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Proven Path: Unleash Your Success in Fantasy Football


Finally Revealed: The Proven Path to Unleash Your Success in Fantasy Football

I reveal the secrets of the pros for taking control of your fantasy football championship...

It's TRUE:  All Fantasy Football players have unfulfilled potential.
It's TRUE:  You can uncover the secrets of fantasy greatness.
It's TRUE:  You can start making better fantasy decisions.
It's TRUE:  You can be your next league champion!!

In "The Program" I share all the secrets your competition just doesn't have.  Do you want to uncover the ways to crush the competition and take that championship?  I will show you how.

I am a former ESPN producer with two decades of experience and more than 20,000 hours of time spent in research, study, and competition in the sports and fantasy sports world.  I am a well known industry expert appearing on experts panels with CBS Sports and RotoWire, featured on Sirius/XM Radio, competing in experts leagues, and published as an expert on multiple fantasy websites and magazines.

I can give you the secrets to grabbing the championship trophy.

Unleash your inner fantasy football monster.  
Take control of the league championship.
It's inside you - don't hold back anymore!


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"The Program" is a proven system that will allow you to immediately become the fantasy football player you were always destined to be... and to evolve into your own expert.  Join expert host Dave McKay for 23 audio sessions with over 7 hours of secrets unveiled before your very ears.

Discover the three parts of the football season - draft preparation, draft day, and in-season.  Peel back the layers of information from the ground floor all the way up through to the secrets of the professionals.  

It is easy to use.  Everything is there for you to discover and use to crush your league.

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  • Includes:  23 audio sessions with more than 7 hours of secrets revealed...  
  • BONUS:  The one-and-only "3P3Z" draft prep spreadsheet... 
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