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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Team Talk: Green Bay Packers

Can the Fantasy Sports Brain really crank out four team profiles in one day?!  Why yes.  Yes we can. 

Adam Filadelfo has filed the report below on the Green Bay Packers, and we hope you like it.  Give him a follow on Twitter: @Frostt24


They call it Title Town. It was so in a literal sense just a few years ago and very possibly could be once again this season. The Packers haven't lost much on offense this offseason besides Greg Jennings and are primed to take the NFC North and more in 2013. Take a look at some of these players and you'll see why.

Aaron Rodgers - Arguably the best quarterback in fantasy football. His great decision making leads to 30+ touchdowns and very few interceptions which is a dream come true for fantasy owners. There's no doubt Rodgers finishes in the top two of quarterbacks yet again but there are a few minor concerns I have going into the regular season. For starters, he lost his left tackle for the season. While this may not have a big impact on Rodgers, it is worth noting. He has taken a lot of sacks through the years and could take quite a bit more without his blind side protected. Another concern is the fact that some of his playmakers are a little banged up. Regardless, I still think Rodgers will be fine with whoever he has to throw to. He makes his receivers.

Randall Cobb - Cobb could possibly be the number one in Green Bay when all is said and done this season. His big play ability is what makes him so dangerous. He can turn a short play into a long gain and even has value in the return game. He is dealing with a biceps injury but all indications are he'll be ready for week 1. Rodgers himself said Cobb could catch 100 balls this year and that should be good enough for fantasy owners.

Jordy Nelson - Nelson is dealing with an injury of his own. Unlike Cobb, Jordy could miss week 1 of the regular season but that could end up being a good thing for owners that are targeting him in their drafts. The knee surgery is beginning to drop Jordy in drafts and makes him an even better value in later rounds. Provided his knee surgery corrected the problems he's been experiencing for a couple of years now, Nelson should be back performing at a high level sooner rather than later. He's a deep threat and should have another fine season for the Pack.

James Jones - Jones is more of the third receiver in Green Bay but may see more targets as a result of the injuries to Cobb and Nelson. A threat regardless of his ranking, Jones has big play potential and is coming off a double digit touchdown season. While last season may be difficult to repeat, expect big things yet again from Jones. Rodgers knows how to get him the ball and the two have some chemistry downfield.

Jermichael Finley - So far Finley has been a huge disappointment to fantasy owners. While he showed flashes of what he's capable of a few years back, he just hasn't been able to put that together for a full season. This is a contract year for him so this could be the year Finley puts it all together. If he can hold onto the ball, expect monster numbers this year. He's worth a start every week with the tight end position being what it is this season. Plus having Rodgers as your quarterback doesn't hurt his value any either. If this is the year Finley gets his act together, fantasy owners will want to own him.

Eddie Lacy - Lacy is thought to be the starting running back in Green Bay in his rookie season. While I think Lacy could be a workhorse, I'd like him better on another team. The Packers have been a pass heavy team for quite some time now and rightfully so. Even at the goal line, Rodgers is more than capable of running the ball in himself. I don't see the Pack running the ball enough to make Lacy fantasy relevant but with the injuries to the receiving corp and Bulaga, Rodgers may be forced to hand the ball off more which could give Lacy a slight boost in value. Take a chance in later rounds but have running back depth available in case Lacy doesn't make an impact.

D/ST - While the Packers have been known to give up yards at an unhealthy rate, they should still be an above average fantasy defense. While the alarming amount of yards could actually hurt your fantasy team with negative points, there's still upside there. A Dom Capers led defense can still create turnovers and Clay Matthews is still one of the best. They aren't a bad defense to trot out there every week

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