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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Team Talk: Minnesota Vikings

Adam Filadelfo completes today's two-a-days with the Vikings.  Give him a follow on Twitter: @Frostt24.


The Minnesota Vikings have arguably one of the greatest fantasy football players to ever wear a football jersey. They also lost an extremely valuable fantasy player in Percy Harvin. While at first thought there isn't much here in terms of fantasy value beyond Adrian Peterson, there may be a little more than you think.

Adrian Peterson
- He's been one of the greatest fantasy football players of all time. The consensus top overall pick this year should have another spectacular season. Make sure you temper your expectations though. Matching last season is probably not going to happen but that doesn't mean he's not worth the first overall pick. Peterson's only downfall is he doesn't catch a  lot of passes but when he can rush for nearly 2,000 yards and double digit touchdowns easily, catching passes is sort of secondary.

Greg Jennings - It's easy to think Jennings will just pick up where he left off in Green Bay. There's just one big problem: He goes from Aaron Rodgers to Christian Ponder. Add to that Jennings ended last season with an injury and this season may not end up being what the Vikings paid for. He should be drafted in middle rounds due to Jennings having talent and the possibility of him making Ponder "better" but be prepared for a possible letdown this year.

Jerome Simpson - Simpson is the third receiver on the Vikings depth chart but could provide a little boost to your bench. He is still a capable receiver who could help fill your roster but don't count on him every week. He's probably more of a matchup player and could be useful during bye weeks or if injures hit your team hard.

Cordarrelle Patterson - He's being compared to Percy Harvin but that's some big shoes to fill for a rookie. While Patterson does have upside, hold off until the later rounds to get him. He is worthy of a late round pick because he will be a return man and also may be the best deep threat the Vikings have. With eight to nine stacking the box to stop AP, Patterson could find himself open on play action passes. Take a chance on Cordarrelle and he may end up paying big dividends this season.

Kyle Rudolph - In a season where top tight end options are scarce, Rudolph provides value as a viable starter. He's got a great relationship with Christian Ponder and gets a ton of red zone targets. He's valuable in PPR formats and should be one of the top players at his position off the board on draft day. He can be trusted as your starting tight end every week and should have another productive season.

Christian Ponder - There were times when Ponder looked like he was starting to get it and then he produced a stinker of a game. He's clearly no more than a backup fantasy quarterback who won't even get drafted unless you're in a two quarterback league and you missed the run on the position. He could be a bye week fill in but even with the new receivers, won't hold much value.

Matt Cassel - Unless Ponder gets hurt or gets yanked, Cassel obviously holds less value than Ponder. There is a possibility Cassel provides a spark at quarterback given the chance but he hasn't been any better himself. Until Ponder loses his job, Cassel can't even be looked at.

D/ST - Through the years, the Vikings defense has been very good vs the run. The Vikings D should provide fantasy value again this year with Jared Allen abusing opposing quarterbacks. What makes the Minnesota D even more appealing is you can get them late in drafts. There are a handful of defenses getting drafted before them which should be a great value for owners that end up with them.

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