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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Team Talk: San Diego Chargers

We're going back to Cali with the Team Talk series here at the Brain.  Adam Filadelfo returns to profile the Chargers.  You can follow Adam on Twitter: @Frostt24.


The weather in Southern California is alway nice. Too bad the same can't be said about their football team. The Bolts do have fantasy relevant players on their roster but is it enough to  help your fantasy football team? It hasn't helped the Chargers recently.

Philip Rivers - What happened to Rivers? A few years ago, he was one of the top quarterbacks to be drafted. Now he's going undrafted in most leagues. He can't be trusted as a starting quarterback anymore and will have almost as many picks as touchdowns. While he is a durable player, he just isn't a legit fantasy starter anymore.

Antonio Gates - When healthy, Gates is a big time fantasy tight end. Only problem is he's almost never healthy anymore. He wouldn't be a bad option as your second tight end but asking to get any more than a few games out of him at this point is asking for too much. Grab a tight end early then take a chance on Gates later as your backup.

Ryan Mathews - My opinion on Mathews is similar to my opinion on McFadden. Both have all the talent to be top five backs but neither can stay healthy long enough to prove it. A healthy Ryan Mathews is easily a running back one that can help your team every week. The Ryan Mathews you actually draft will probably be taken much later and won't contribute much to your fantasy team. If he can stay healthy, owners will have themselves a steal by getting him so late but he hasn't stayed healthy for enough games to warrant taking him in any of my drafts.

Danny Woodhead - Woodhead can be useful this season even though he's most likely going to be the third down back. I've seen him go in the middle rounds of drafts but don't get carried away. While he will be valuable in PPR formats especially, he's not going to be more than a flex option at most and should be drafted in the later rounds. If/when Mathews gets hurt (when), Woodhead will see more playing time so he's worth a roster spot. In non PPR formats, he's probably not even worth drafting.

Vincent Brown
- Brown was a highly touted fantasy receiver last year before breaking his leg and missing the season. Once again fantasy owners are talking about Brown. But this time it's for an entirely different reason. With all the injuries to Chargers receivers, Brown may be the number one receiver in 2013. He's definitely worth a late round flier and if healthy should have a decent fantasy season. Draft him as your fourth receiver and he could finish the season as a receiver three.

Malcolm Floyd - It's between Floyd and Brown as number one receiver. Floyd has been around longer so he may have the edge in that department. He has upside as a receiver three but not much more than that. He will end up being more of a streaky fantasy player where he will have a big week here and there and follow that up with a clunker. Grab him as a late round flier but good luck figuring out when he'll go off.

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