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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wide Receiver Rankings - Top 10

My full rankings are always available on Fantasy Pros, but I thought I'd break down the top ten at each position to give you some ideas.  In my overall rankings I've got RB's from 1 to 9 but then it's all receivers for the next six.  I don't mind picking late in the round and going WR-WR because the RB's available  in rounds 3 through 5 all have legit upside.

As always, and this year in particular, I'm waiting on quarterback and then taking two in a row rapid fire.  The "Back-to-Back Quarterback" strategy from my book is basically to grab the QB's ranked something like #9 and #10 and then to play the matchups.  It insulates you from injuries and down years and gives you an automatic and high quality bye week option.  Also, QB is probably the most matchup dependent position other than DST.

Okay, okay... On to the rankings.  Let's start with the wide receiver position because it is chock full of goodness.

#1)  ODB.  He's special and has the younger, healthier Manning throwing him the ball.
#2)  Demaryius. He's special and has the Peytonier Manning throwing him the ball.
#3)  Jordy Nelson.  I've doubted him as much as anyone, but go check the stats.  Go ahead, I'll wait.  ...  Back?  Pretty amazing, right?
#4)  Antonio Brown.  He's great, but I'm not convinced he's best in the NFL great... maybe he is. Gimme a break, he plummeted all the way to #4 in my rankings.
#5)  Dez.  This is less about Dez than it is about the quality in front of him.  And maybe I'm worried about Romo's gimpy back.
#6)  Mega.  Love the guy, but he's lost a couple of MPH off his fastball.  Again, he's still #6. 
#7)  Julio Jones.  Okay, the top six can get jumbled up but I really feel like the first significant gap is before #7.  I'm not in love with Julio this year.  He's in a new offense and I just don't love Kyle Shanahan's system.  He's got all of the talent in the world, but I feel like he's the clear #7.
#8)  AJ Green.  Another gap here before #8.  Green is uber-talented but Andy Dalton is mediocre and Marvin Jones is back to take targets away...  Plus, I think they want to run the ball.  However, all of that said, I like Green for value at his ADP this year.  When healthy he is a game changer.
#9)  Jordan Matthews.  I was on this train last year when Jeremy Maclin was the top guy and the QB situation was a mess.  Okay, I don't know that the QB sitch is better now but Maclin is gone, Matthews is the man, Chip will get him the rock, and he's no longer a rookie.  Matthews has been screaming up draft boards, but that's okay with me.  If you go old school RB-RB in the first two rounds this is the kind of guy I love to see in the 3rd or even early 4th.
#10)  Randall Cobb.  Two Packers in the top 10?  Where's Mike Evans?  Hold your horses... Yes, two, let me explain.  And Evans is #11.  Bonus info there, no extra charge.  Look, Aaron Rodgers is out of this world great at quarterbacking and he's got these two exceptional weapons.  He's gonna feed them.  When Cobb is healthy all he does is break defenses.

Good luck in your drafts, Brainiacs.  I like the early WR's quite a bit but then it gets really murky before the later round options... draft carefully.

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