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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What is "The Program"?

There are millions and millions of people who play fantasy football and there are tons of websites, podcasts, and magazines dedicated to it.  But there is a fundamental problem... There is an almost exclusive focus on player rankings and statistical comparisons and no attention on how to actually play the game.  There is no educational program out there that systematically teaches how to play fantasy football for the greatest strategic advantage.

Until now.  Introducing: "The Program" - The Master's Degree in Fantasy Football.

It is a system you can use for every league, every year.  It does not talk about players, but rather tactics, techniques, and strategies you can use to get better at fantasy football immediately and also to evolve into a truly elite fantasy football player.

The Program is an audio series (more than 4 hours of audio, plus three unique spreadsheets) that covers all of the important aspects of fantasy football including positional breakdowns and three levels of training for draft prep, draft day, and in-season roster management. (And more.)

It includes a spreadsheet for the "3P3Z" proprietary draft prep process that I have created. 

I have also developed a spreadsheet that is a composite of rankings from ESPN, Yahoo, and CBS with averages, good values, and bad values.  The Program explains how to use it.

Plus, even though The Program isn't about player rankings, we do have them for our own use so we figured we might as well throw them in.  You'll get a spreadsheet of the Fantasy Sports Brain site rankings, too. (Which is not posted on the site or anywhere else... this is the only way to get it.)

21 audio files and the 3 independent spreadsheets.  Everything you need to get an immediate boost in fantasy football and to develop into an elite fantasy expert over time.  It is reusable - evergreen.  Use it for every league, every year.

"The Program" has more than $83 worth of value for a cost of $37.  Please make sure you order early enough this year to consume all of the content and prepare for your draft... That is why we are making this available in July, about a month before most drafts take place.  That should give you just enough time to use the system for maximum strategic advantage.  To order, send an email to or click "The Secret Weapon" here or on the page on the left for more information.

Thank you for considering "The Program"!  We are looking forward to partnering with you for years to come!

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