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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gabbert Braggart

Blaine Gabbert is the deepest of all deep sleepers this year, but can he emerge as a top quarterback?  What does his upside look like this year?

What does a quarterback need to emerge as a great NFL signal caller?  There isn't any one proven formula, but there are some consistent components that keep showing themselves over and over again:
  1. A great young future stud receiver to develop
  2. A home-run hitting veteran
  3. A dependable "safety valve" at tight end
  4. A stellar running game
  5. At least a little experience (can't be a rookie)
Alright, fair enough. Allow me pose the requisite questions:
  • Question:  Which NFL quarterback has the top rookie wide receiver lined up out wide?  
    • Answer: Gabbert.  No receiver was drafted higher than Justin Blackmon at #5 overall.  Superstar potential, has he.
  • Question:  Which NFL quarterback added the biggest home run hitter to his receiver corps?
    • Answer:  Gabbert.  Laurent Robinson was tied for 4th in the NFL in receiving touchdowns last year.  No higher-ranked player changed teams.
  • Question:  Which NFL quarterback has a tight end who has played at least 15 games for 6 consecutive seasons with solid, reliable statistics?
    • Answer:  Gabbert.  We're talking about a solid option at tight end, not necessarily the absolute best.  The quarterback in question needs that veteran who can be counted on to deliver in the clutch. That defines Marcedes Lewis.
  • Question:  Which quarterback has the league leader in rushing yards in the backfield?  
    • Answer: Gabbert.  Maurice Jones-Drew led the league in rushing last year.  Furthermore, Rashad Jennings is establishing himself this pre-season as a future star.  That is a stellar running game to take pressure off the passer.
  • Question: Which quarterback isn't a rookie anymore?
    • Answer:  Gabbert.  Okay, this defines a few guys... but Gabbert looked more like a terrible rookie than anyone last year so he benefits the most from "no longer being a rookie."
There is no better candidate for this "not a rookie" label than Blaine Gabbert.  He's a veteran now, my friends.

Is all of this likely to happen?  Nope.  It is funny how things seem to line up perfectly in the strangest places though.  Weirder things have happened than the emergence of Blaine Gabbert in year two.

Also, am I serious?  Nope.  Well, I wrote this as a joke, but I ended up with a pretty convincing argument didn't I?

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