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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hakeem Nicks is Out!

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Now then, let’s discuss the wide receiver situation with the New York football Giants.  Hakeem Nicks had a great performance in week 2 but his foot is injured enough that he is out for tonight’s game in Charlotte.

This has an impact beyond just the wide receiver position, because there are a lot of people in the market for a free agent tight end this week.  The absence of Nicks should mean more targets for Martellus Bennett.  If you were crushed by Antonio Gates last week and you aren’t willing to start trusting him again, you may want to think about Bennett.  And, if you have Aaron Hernandez you may want to think about Bennett.  This news probably elevates Bennett up above some of this week’s trendy tight end pickups like Kyle Rudolph, Brandon Myers, Dennis Pitta, Owen Daniels, and Scott Chandler.

On the wide receiver side, you are likely to see Reuben Randle getting the start opposite Victor Cruz.  Reuben is still a rookie, so please handle with care… but this is additional opportunity for him which is always good news.

Nevertheless, I don’t think that Randle is going to be your best replacement if you are a Nicks owner.  Of the options that are likely (>50% owned on ESPN) to be available to you right now, I would go with one of these guys (in order):

1. Greg Little (18% owned)
2. Brian Hartline (14%)
3. Donnie Avery (9%)
4. Brandon LaFell (45%)

If none of those guys are available then your best bet may be rolling the dice with Randle.  It is a roll of the dice though, since you have no real idea of what you might get out of him.

Going forward, this rest should help Nicks to return to the field earlier than he otherwise would.  They didn’t even send him on the trip to Charlotte, so tonight and this weekend he’ll be at home with his foot up on a pillow.  Additional good news is that they didn’t push him this week since it was a short week, which means that he didn’t even try to get on the field.  Now has a long week to get ready for week 4.  Additional rest.  I feel very good about using him in week 4 at this point, so your plug-in for week 3 will likely just be a one week thing that you can fire and forget without much consideration for long-term value.

Best of luck in those matchups this week!

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