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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Finishing the Regular Season

In most leagues there are only two weeks left to go in the fantasy season.  The bye weeks are behind us, so you have a pretty good look at what you are facing with regard to the fantasy playoffs.

If you are fighting to get in, all that matters is the next two weeks.  There are a few things that I think you should be thinking about, but the primary one is that you need to think about what your starting lineup will be for week 12 and week 13.  In other words, you've got to worry about week 13 matchups right now.

This primarily means rostering two D/ST's but also your flex position.  Make sure you look at who your defense is this week and what their matchup is like for week 13.  For most of the season you are going to want to fill your bench with high upside RB's and WR's, but at this point that is a luxury for the playoff-bound teams in your league.  Right now, you've got to set yourself up for the best chances of winning the next two.

So, have a look at those bench guys.  There is probably at least one guy that has upside and would normally be worth hanging onto, but just won't play for you in the next two weeks.  Maybe you have better guys or maybe the other guys just have better matchups.  Whatever the case, jettison the dead weight in favor of a D/ST that you will use in week 13.

Every single edge is valuable right now.

Also, do the same at flex.  Maybe you've got an upside RB that won't play for you but there is a WR who will.  Maybe you drop someone like Alex Green for TY Hilton.  Hilton has a pretty solid matchup next week against Detroit.  The Lions have allowed at least 136 yards and one or more TD's against opposing wide receivers in each of the past six games.  There's a decent chance that Hilton goes for something like 80 yards and a score in week 13.  (Plus he's a good start in week 12 too, btw.)

Best of luck grabbing one of those last playoff spots.  If you get in, we'll have more to talk about here at the Brain.  If not, we can start planning for next year.  Finish strong, folks!

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