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Friday, March 29, 2013

Fantasy Pros: Bold Predictions

One more time, Brainiacs...  The good people at Fantasy Pros asked me to contribute to another article for their site.  This one was about bold predictions.

You can check it out if you click here.

The predictions in the feature have very different levels of boldness from the obvious to the insane, so check it out. 

I wanted to go with something that is unlikely to happen but defensible.  I chose to plant a flag on Cameron Maybin getting 15 home runs to go with 35 steals and a .270 batting average.  The 35 steals isn't all that bold but it's a lot more than he did last year.  The 15 homers would be a career high and .270 would be his highest average in the big leagues.  He only hit .243 in 2012.

Maybin is 26 years old this year which is a great time to break out for someone with his level of experience.  In his last two significant stops at AAA he hit .338 and .319, respectively.  And, while the predicted numbers are unlikely, it's possible that he starts to put it all together this year and breaks out.  Hence the bold prediction.

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