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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The New Book!

This is what they call in the industry, "a soft launch."  I wanted you guys to see it first.  If you do want to buy it, it's only $3.49... and as a part of the soft launch you can use discount code "Brainiac42" to get 42% off.  That makes it two bucks.

One thing, though... If you use the discount, would you be willing to give me an honest review?  And if you like it, maybe one sentence that I can use for marketing purposes.  I'd really like for this thing to be a big hit because the content is pretty strong, yet easy to consume and use.

And, by the way... It's called "Getting Started with Fantasy Football" but there has got to be something in there for everyone.  For two bucks you can't go wrong.  :)

Thanks, folks.  I love the Brainiac community and I'm looking forward to delivering more resources for you in the future.

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