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Monday, August 5, 2013

Success! The Work Continues...

Thank you!  A huge thank you to all of you Brainiacs everywhere for making my book launch a success.  With your support, "Getting Started with Fantasy Football" moved all the way up to the #3 Best Seller at Amazon in the Fantasy Sports category.  The top two were Matthew Berry's brand new book and a book about Soccer.

The TMR and Futbol are forces of nature that I am not yet equipped to deal with, so I am ecstatic with the #3 ranking.  Thank you, thank you!

Special thanks go out to my phenomenal brother Scot for the big effort to get the word out with his tribe.  Thanks, big bro!  You totally rock.  (If you are here from there... thank you!  Big shoes to fill, to be sure.  I'll work hard to keep my quality level as high as Scot's!)

Additional thanks also go to the amazing guys at RotoWire for having me on their Sirius/XM show on Saturday.  Thank you, guys!  It was an honor to be on the air with you again and I hope the listeners got some value out of our conversation.  (And if you followed me over to this site, I'll work hard to see that you continue to get value.  Welcome, all you new Brainiacs!)

And additional thanks go out to Matthew Berry for taking a moment to tweet back at me on Saturday even as I was in the midst of an (unsuccessful) assault on his #1 Best Seller status:
Okay, my "assault" is said completely tongue-in-cheek... Nevertheless, it was cool of the TMR to take a second to tweet me.  He even exhibited a lack of hustle by eliminating capital letters.  Gotta respect that.

Lastly, if you didn't get any of the free bonuses or something didn't arrive as it should... please let me know.  Shoot a message to me and I'll hook you up:

And, if you haven't signed up for my mailing list please do so below.  You'll get my personal 2013 Top 300 Player Rankings for FREE!  (It is the only way to get my rankings.)  My next post will explain how to use the rankings and exactly what "VAST" and "VEST" are.  Stayed tuned!

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Thanks again, everyone!  If you want to see the book on Amazon, click the picture below:

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