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Monday, August 26, 2013

Team Talk: Indianapolis Colts

We continue!  The Team Talk series rolls on to Indianapolis to talk Colts football.  Adam Filadelfo is back to share his thoughts on the blue and white.  You can follow him on Twitter: @Frostt24.


The Colts went from missing the playoffs by a mile in 2011 to advancing to the "second season" in 2012. Along the way, they found not only key NFL contributors but fantasy contributors as well. This year the Colts could provide even more value for fantasy owners.

Andrew Luck - For a rookie last year, Luck not only carried his Colts but also his fantasy owners. Many are expecting even bigger things in his second season. He's becoming one of the quarterbacks that are being targeted as a fantasy starter as opposed to the backup he usually was last season. He's got a new offensive coordinator he's familiar with from his days at Stanford. Once the top tier quarterbacks have been drafted, feel confident having Luck as your starter each week.

T.Y Hilton - Hilton had a great fantasy season last year and I expect him to repeat his success again this year. He's got value not only as a receiver but in the return game as well. He's got the trust of his quarterback and can make big plays downfield. Before long, T.Y Hilton could become a household name to fantasy football players. He should be drafted as your third receiver now but could very well produce like a second receiver by the end of the season.

Reggie Wayne - He's getting up there in age but that didn't stop Wayne from outproducing his ADP last year. He was a gem in PPR leagues but I wouldn't count on a repeat performance again this year. While he will hold value to his fantasy owners, don't draft him expecting the huge numbers. Make sure you have depth at the receiver position if you draft him just in case last year was his last year of fantasy glory.

Vick Ballard - Ballard will not start the season as the starting tailback unless Bradshaw isn't healthy (which could very well happen) but it's only a matter of time before he does. Bradshaw as shown he cannot stay healthy which will open the door for Ballard to get his share of carries. You can feel comfortable drafting Ballard as your fourth running back but don't count on him to lead your team to a victory in the weeks that he starting. He's good to have as depth at the tailback position but not much more than a running back three at this point when he starts.

Ahmad Bradshaw - We all know Bradshaw will not stay healthy for the entire season. We also know that when Bradshaw is playing he could be useful for fantasy owners. While he is effective and will help your fantasy team, don't reach for him in your draft. You will not get  a full season from him and you'd probably be better off grabbing a player who can be counted on every week. If he does end up on your team (which wouldn't be a bad thing), have depth to ensure you don't have to rely on him every week.

Coby Fleener - Last year Fleener was a late round sleeper in drafts due to his connection with Andrew Luck. Both played at Stanford together so that connection made sense. That never came to fruition as Luck went on to have a successful season while Fleener was an afterthought. It's possible this year could be better for Fleener but he's currently dealing with a concussion and I don't see him as more than a waiver wire pickup. Even though the tight end position is said to be very thin this year, there are a lot of other tight ends that should be taken well before Fleener.

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