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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Team Talk: Jacksonville Jaguars

Another day of two-a-days here at the Brain.  Adam Filadelfo continues to bang away at the NFL...  Today, the Jags and Chefs.  (Great googly moogly.)

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There hasn't been much success in Jacksonville in both the NFL and fantasy football. Not too many Jaguars have been drafted, but last year there were still a few bright spots here and there from Jacksonville. This year could be the same cast of characters, including a little more from a very familiar face.

Blaine Gabbert - Unless you're playing in a two quarterback league and you wait way too long on your second quarterback, Gabbert should not be on any fantasy football roster. Things will not get better this season for him or the Jaguars as a whole so there really isn't any fantasy value here. If Gabbert is on your roster, you've probably already lost for the season.

Maurice Jones-Drew - It's hard to get a read on Mojo coming off the Lisfranc injury that sidelined him since week 7 of last season. He's a year older, coming off a major foot injury and returning to a abysmal situation in Jacksonville. He's basically been the only offense on the Jaguars for some time now. He's currently going in the second round of most drafts and that may be a value if he can return to his days when he was winning the rushing title.(And when we say "the days" we mean 2011. You know, in olden times.) If you can get him at a good value in your draft do so but buyer beware. He could be a complete disaster just like the rest of the team.

Cecil Shorts - The good news is Shorts came out of nowhere last season to become a fantasy darling. The bad news is he did so with Chad Henne as the quarterback. I like Shorts again this year and wouldn't be surprised if the production is there despite the poor play at quarterback. He should be drafted as a receiver three with two potential. With the suspension of Justin Blackmon for the first quarter of the season, Shorts will probably be the beneficiary of most of his targets. There is upside to Shorts but Gabbert could hold him back a bit.

Marcedes Lewis - Two years ago, Lewis was a Pro Bowl tight end. Last year he was a major disappointment. This year he could be a disappointment again. He's best suited as a waiver wire pickup to fill a bye week but other than that, he probably won't do much for your march to a fantasy football championship.

Chad Henne - To be honest with you, Henne should be the starting quarterback for the Jaguars. While he holds no value whatsoever for fantasy at this point, should Gabbert suffer an injury or just lose his job Henne would be a decent option at quarterback for those that are desperate. Just don't expect him to help you for more than a couple of weeks if he becomes the Jaguars starter.

D/ST - It may sound ridiculous, but the Jacksonville defense was a solid fantasy unit last year. While I wouldn't go and draft them, there is potential here. Maybe if your league starts two defenses or bye weeks come up you may roster them but other than that, I wouldn't put too much stock in this squad. I would however keep an eye on them just in case you need a defense in a hurry. Make sure you play the matchup with them though. They won't be effective every week.

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