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Friday, August 30, 2013

Team Talk: New York Giants

Two-a-days take us to the Big Apple with Adam Filadelfo's reviews of the Giants and Jets.  Follow Adam on Twitter: @Frostt24.


There's a lot of hype coming from New York this season, including the fact that the Superbowl will be played at MetLife Stadium in February. Before that game can be played, there's the matter of the regular season. Can any players from the GMen be fantasy relevant during the regular season? There are quite a few players that could help your team make it to the fantasy Superbowl.

Eli Manning
- Peyton's younger brother is coming off a less than impressive season. Does Eli have what it takes to turn it around? He's got plenty of weapons to do so but should still be considered a backup fantasy quarterback going into drafts. With a healthy receiving corp, it is possible for Eli to throw for over 4,000 yards and 30+ scores. A big problem with Eli is he's very erratic. He can't be counted on every week as your starter but could be useful if you take him as your second quarterback.

Hakeem Nicks - Nicks has all the potential to be a top fantasy receiver. He's a deep threat that can leave secondaries scratching their heads. His only deterrent is his health. Nicks can't be counted on as your receiver one because he's almost sure to miss time. When he's on the field, there's not too many receivers that are better. What can hurt you with Nicks is you'll have to spend an early draft pick to get him hoping he won't miss many games but when he does, it could end up leaving you in a hole with receiver depth. I just can't trust him enough to stay healthy long enough to warrant such an early pick.

Victor Cruz
- Cruz had a bit of a let down last year. He dropped a lot of passes that the year before would have had no problems catching. He will look to make up for that this year. He's great in PPR leagues and can take a quick slant and turn it into a long touchdown. He's especially great in leagues where you get a bonus for long touchdowns. I wouldn't be too concerned with his subpar season in 2012. He will bounce back and give fantasy owners receiver one numbers in 2013.

Rueben Randle - Randle has a great chance to bust out as a fantasy stud much like his teammate Victor Cruz did a few years ago. He's a big receiver who has no problems being physical when it comes to fighting for the ball. He will see plenty of snaps in three receiver sets and could be even more useful if/when Hakeem Nicks misses games.

David Wilson - There's been a lot of talk about the second year tailback going into this season. He's being drafted as a second running back but I'm not sold on him yet. The fact that he has problems pass blocking will lead to only first and second down snaps. While that issue is easily correctable, it's hard to spend an early pick on a player that may not see the field on third downs. He's got all the talent in the world but right now his ADP is a little to risky for me.

Andre Brown
- Before the broken leg I liked Brown better than Wilson. For one, you don't have to spend an early pick on him and two, he's going to see the field on third downs. He's been an injury risk and now we are seeing that as a reality again.  He may be back this year, but even if he returns around week nine or so you probably aren't going to feel comfortable playing him.

Brandon Myers - All fantasy players know by now that Eli relies on his tight end a lot. And Myers is a good tight end to rely on. He was a PPR dream last year for the Raiders and will be a good option for your starting tight end this year in New York. While his receptions will most likely dip, he should see plenty of targets and even a good amount of red zone targets as well. He's a capable fantasy tight end who could be counted on every week.

D/ST - While the Giants defense has been Jekyll and Hyde at best the past couple of seasons, they are still a decent option for fantasy owners. They have an aging defensive line and a less than stellar secondary but there are still playmakers here. If you wait too long on taking your defense, the Giants may end up being a top option for you. But there is a silver lining. These guys tend to play better the second half of the season so be prepared for the first half to be a little rocky.

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