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Friday, August 30, 2013

Team Talk: New York Jets

J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!  The Jets are still undefeated!  Today we talk about the green and white as Adam Filadelfo continues our Team Talk series.  You can follow him on Twitter: @Frostt24.


If you're a Jets fan, you haven't had much to cheer about the last two seasons. And if you're a Jets fan, you probably haven't drafted any players for your fantasy team from your favorite NFL team either. This year doesn't look any better for you Jets fans. You'll probably end up drafting more players from rival teams than your own. There may be a few Jets players worth looking at and maybe taking a late flier on.

Mark Sanchez - There's not a chance "Sanchize" gets drafted in fantasy football this season. Not unless you get points for running into your own lineman. He has no guarantee he will even be the starting quarterback come week one even if he is healthy. And even if he does emerge with the job, why would you draft a quarterback that struggles to complete passes?

Geno Smith - The rookie out of West Virginia holds more fantasy value than Mark Sanchez just based on what he can do with his legs. Not that Smith looked any better in his preseason action. But can he be worse than Sanchez? At least Geno has the chance to give this offense a shot they haven't had since their last AFC championship appearance. Maybe a fresh start is what the Jets need.

Chris Ivory
- Finally, we get to a Jets player with at least a little fantasy value.  Ivory could be a decent running back four if he can stay healthy and may be the Jets only chance at scoring points. He has potential to be a factor in fantasy football but a below average offensive line, an almost non existent passing game, and injuries may end that thought as quickly as it started.

Bilal Powell - He did show a little something last year when given limited touches to spell Shonn Greene. He can be an option as a goal line back regardless if Ivory misses time or not. If you play in a shallow league, Powell will probably be available on your waiver wire. You may want to keep an eye in him but don't get your hopes up.

Santonio Holmes - I'm sorry but when Holmes is your number one receiver, that should be a clue your team is in trouble. He's still recovering from a Lisfranc injury and may still be the best option for the Jets at the receiver position. And that isn't saying much. Even if he is healthy to start the season, he doesn't have any upside and his poor attitude could lead to his exit from New York.

Stephen Hill - Thought to be a great deep threat due to his unbelievable combination of size and speed, he needs to hold onto the football before he can make an impact on your fantasy team. He had one big game last year and disappeared after that. Yet another Jets player that will be sitting on your waiver wire come week one.

D/ST - As long as Rex is running the defense, they will be fantasy relevant. They may not be as dominant as they were in Ryan's first two years but they may be the only Jets "player" worth drafting this season. The defense could be better if the offense wouldn't always go three and out on a consistent basis. Another top ten fantasy finish isn't out of the question for the Jets D, especially since the lack of any Jets offense will encourage opponents to grind them down slowly to control the clock.

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