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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Team Talk: Tennessee Titans

Alright, Brainiacs... We're wrapping up this series with a day to spare.  Our last two-a-day takes us to Tennessee and Washington D.C.  Big thanks to Adam Filadelfo for all of his hard work here... Thanks, Adam!  Please follow him on Twitter: @Frostt24.


Over the last few years, there hasn't been much fantasy relevance coming out of Nashville. Not since CJ2K had that monster season have fantasy owners really gotten anything out of the Titans. This year could be a little different but we fear that it will just be more of the same.

Jake Locker - Since Locker took over the reigns of starting quarterback in Tennessee, he has shown flashes that he can be a fantasy star. And shortly after that, he regressed. But then he showed he can be fantasy relevant again. And then he regressed again. See a pattern here? Going into fantasy drafts, Locker is not getting serious consideration nor should he. This year he gets a revamped offensive line and another year with Kendall Wright and Kenny Britt. There's always that chance that Locker takes the next step this year but he just hasn't shown enough to fantasy owners up until this point for him to be taken at all in drafts.

Chris Johnson - Johnson broke onto the fantasy scene with his monster 2,000 yard season. Hence the nickname CJ2K. Since then, he's been nothing but a headache for any fantasy owner willing to take a chance on drafting him.  Just when owners think they're about to get the Chris Johnson of old, he rushes for fifty yards and makes owners wonder why they ever trusted him again. There may be some life left in him yet. His offensive line looks to be reworked and ready to give him some holes to run through. If you can grab him late in drafts, he's worth the risk. If you need to rely on him every week as your second back, you may be in for a very long season.

Kenny Britt - Which knee hurts today Kenny? I'm not trusting Britt at all this season. While he is a very tempting player to draft late, he's always either hurt or disappearing in games. Sure he's capable of putting together a big game here and there but when that big game will be is anyone's guess. He's obviously dropped in drafts due to injuries and suspensions so that makes his value a little more reasonable but since consistency plays a major part in fantasy football, Britt shouldn't be trusted until he proves he can help fantasy owners on a consistent basis.

Kendall Wright - Wright looks like he could have all the makings of a fantasy star. I think the biggest detriment to Wright's progression is his quarterback. While it seemed he had a little chemistry with Locker going, that seemed to fade away. It also doesn't help that the Titans are not a threat on offense being that Britt is in and out of the lineup and CJ2K has looked more like CJ0K as of late. Wright has some upside as a big play receiver but that Tennessee offense just may hold him back again this year.

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