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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Team Talk: Washington Redskins

Have you ever wondered why the "D.C." seems to be optional?  I mean, why is it 'Washington Redskins' and not 'Washington D.C. Redskins'?  There must be an answer.

But I digress...  Please allow me to re-direct your attention to the final installment of our Team Talk series here on the brain.  Adam Filadelfo has done a great job bringing this content to you, and you can continue to follow him on Twitter - @Frostt24.

And now... to D.C.!


Last year was a huge year for the Redskins. They returned to the playoffs and along the way got fantasy owners talking about them. Two rookies took fantasy football by storm and are looking to repeat those performances again in 2013. There are however a few concerns coming out of Washington this year.

Robert Griffin III - RG3 turned the Redskins franchise around in a hurry. He also became a fantasy darling in the process. Owners looking to draft him this year should have reservations. There have been too many conflicting reports on RG3 coming out of training camp concerning his surgically repaired knee and now Dr. Andrews has concern going forward on how the Redskins are planning to use him as it pertains to running. While RG3 can sling the ball with the best of them, his legs are his greatest asset. If he's limited in what he can do with his legs, a lot of his fantasy value is taken away in the process. He should still be considered a quarterback one but you may want to have another quarterback waiting just in case.

Alfred Morris - Morris had a fantastic season considering he was a sixth round pick in the NFL draft and a long shot to start coming into the season. He was also most likely a waiver wire pickup for fantasy owners. If you plucked him off of the waiver wire, you were happy with the results. He will look to repeat his 1,600 yard season again and as much as owners would love that, it will be extremely difficult. While having RG3 under center certainly helps, coming close to that 1,600 yard mark again seems a little far fetched. He should provide value for owners again this year but don't expect the same kind of results. It would also be nice to seem him add a few more receptions this year to enhance his PPR value a bit. That might be the only thing keeping him from being an even earlier pick.

Pierre Garçon - Garçon was well on his way to becoming a receiver one last year until his foot became problematic to the point where it held him out for most of the season. His active/non active status caused owners to bail on him but a healthy Garçon this year could mean a big season for owners that take a chance on him. While he looks to be healthy heading into the season, his foot can continue to be a problem. He should still be drafted as a receiver two with receiver one upside and if he stays healthy will make fantasy owners glad they took a chance on him. He will be the top receiver with a quarterback that may be forced to throw the ball a little bit more.

Santana Moss - While Moss can still be a little useful to fantasy owners, he's more of a complimentary player who could fill in a receiver spot during bye weeks. He's good for a game or two with a handful of catches and a score or two, but he isn't nearly consistent enough to be trusted into your lineup unless you're desperate.

Fred Davis
- Fantasy owners are still waiting for Davis to have his breakout season. Keep waiting. While he has shown some potential, he's just not near the level of some other lower tier tight ends. You may want to draft Davis as your second tight end in hopes of catching lightning in a bottle but he's probably not going to see your roster until your tight end one is on his bye.

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