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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 Quick Tips to Better Fantasy Baseaball Drafts

Baseball is back, Brainiacs!  We'll see how much content we can crank out, but while we are at it there is a ton going on over here at BrainiacHQ.  Stick around.

Okay, so here are five quick and useful tips about drafting in a baseball snake draft:

1. Understand the implications of draft order.  I break it down here. (click)

2. Compile rankings from several sites.  It is a huge advantage to know that a player has an average draft ranking of say #26 when the site on which you are drafting ranks him at #32 (for example).  One of our first blog posts (that link takes you there) covered this issue.

3. The Rhombus...  Check out this FSB post from a couple years ago: TheFantasySportsBrain: The Rhombus

4. Understand the hidden value of frequently injured players.  Here's another blog post for you to check out... I like this one.

5. There is a gap between when rankings are published and when they are used by you.  During that gap tons of things change and sometimes the gap can be huge.  Magazines provide tons of great insight and are generally very polished so they are excellent sources for you, but by nature they are dated.  Also, staff rankings on draft sites are done in January or February... So, when you get into your draft room on ESPN or Yahoo the projected rankings are old news.  Take all of this into account.  And, yes, I've got a link to a blog post about this one too: Click here!  :)

That's it for today, folks.  I hope you enjoy the blasts from the past... We have always been about evergreen fantasy strategy around here and will always continue with that as the goal.

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