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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Falling in Love

Quick blog entry today.  It's about the way that certain fantasy managers fall in love with specific positions.  Here's the basic point - If you've got two hitters on your bench and they are both 3B you're not maximizing your roster.  If you are in a league that starts 5 outfielders and you don't have any extra options on the bench, you're in trouble.

I was over at one of my favorite fantasy sports message boards today and there was a person asking for advice on his roster.  He had Carlos Pena at 1B, Adam Dunn at CI, Miguel Cabrera at 3B (qualifies at 1B), plus an outfielder who qualifies at 1B.  All of those 1B options and who did he roster with his one hitter slot on the bench?  Todd Helton.

Look, I think Helton is a little under-rated this year... but as your only hitter on the bench?  How many AB's do you think Helton gets on this specific fantasy squad all year?  50?  Wouldn't a lesser player who qualifies at bunches of positions make more sense?  Daniel Murphy, maybe?

Murphy plays 1B, 2B, 3B... he hits over .300... and well, that's about it.  The bottom line with him is that he'll fill in all over the place, help out in batting average, and any counting stats you get are gravy since he's just a fill-in anyway.  Perfect bench guy.

So, go ahead an evaluate your rosters and especially your benches.  Think critically about how you will deploy your fill-in's.  Maybe you've got guys on your bench who are there to step in if one of your injury-prone regulars goes down.  That's fine... but have a reason.

There should be a defined purpose for every player on your roster.  The starters are there to start, that's easy.  What about everyone else?

Are you ever going to use that fourth first baseman, loverboy?

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