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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kevin Ogletree and Tony Romo

The situation in Dallas for Tony Romo has been interesting lately with all of Dez Bryant’s issues, Miles Austin at less than 100%, Jason Witten’s spleen, Laurent Robinson leaving via free agency, etc.  I had a draft just two nights ago where Romo was drafted in the 9th round. (9th!)  That is completely and totally insane, but I suppose there were some reasons why people have been scared off.  We talk about those sorts of things in “The Program”… which gives you the tools to discover how to think like a fantasy expert.  (Check it out here.)
So, sure, there are lots of reasons to doubt whether Romo can keep playing at a high level.  Issues with his receivers, a depleted offensive line, yada yada.  Then along comes Kevin Ogletree.  He of the 25 career receptions for 294 total yards and a grand total of zero touchdowns.  The undrafted, average-sized receiver out of the ACC.  The guy who couldn’t even amass more than 58 receptions or 723 yards or 5 touchdowns in any season in college.

Ogletree has literally done nothing like what he did last night since his senior year at Holy Cross High School in 2004.

But that isn’t important… Do you know what is important?  I’ll tell you – Can he do it again?  Is this a sign of things to come?

Well, maybe… he’s worth a flier.  Someone has to catch those 11 touchdowns that Laurent Robinson left behind in Big D.  Well, at least someone has to catch the remaining 9.  Those might as well go to Ogletree, too.

But, what does he do for Romo?  Maybe, just maybe, he provides that missing dimension to the Cowboy passing game.  Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are proven studs and Jason Witten is a solid tight end, but this team thrives with that extra dimension that Laurent Robinson provided in 2011.  If Ogletree steps up then Romo becomes a steal.

This year it was difficult to wait on QB’s with Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Stafford, and Newton going in the first 20 picks or so.  It really took resolve to wait, but if you did and were able to hold off until maybe the 5th round for Romo your patience will be rewarded.  And, your running backs and wide receivers will be better for it as well.

That sort of patience isn’t exactly what we teach in “The Program”, but it is along the same lines.  There are seven hours of secrets revealed in The Program, so give it a look – click here. 

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