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Friday, May 3, 2013

FanDuel: Beat the Brain

Are you good enough to beat the Brain?!?  Well, let's find out!  The good people at FanDuel have set up a contest today so we can see who the real brain is around here.

Head on over to this link to sign up...  It's ten bucks to play, and the top three players win $600, $450, and $350 respectively.  (With lots more getting a payout, too!)

Let's see who the real brain is: CLICK HERE

And, if you are new to daily fantasy leagues, don't worry... They are lots of fun and easy to jump into.  You don't have the long-term commitment of a regular league.  Give it a try.

And, to get you started, here are a few thoughts for you on the game and today's matchups:
  • Pitching matchups and park factors are critical.  You are only dealing with one specific game, so today's matchup and the effect of the ballpark are two of the most critical elements in picking your roster.  One obvious example is Clayton Kershaw at San Francisco.  Great park factor with a great pitcher.  Pitchers are expensive, though... so finding a cheaper alternative that still has a great situation today may be the way to go.  Some examples there are Wade Miley (in San Diego for $1,800 less) and Doug Fister (at Houston for $2,500 less than Kershaw).
  • Also, keep an eye on recent performance.  Some hitters are streaky and are starting to get into a groove.  Nate McLouth is a great example of this, though his price today at FanDuel reflects his hot streak ($4,300).  Nate's got a pretty good matchup with Jason Vargas but a lower quality park factor in Anaheim.  My belief is that he will earn his money on your team.
  • Be careful with hot streaks though.  The trick can be trying to estimate when they will end.  Evan Gattis has been crushing the ball this year and he's got a great matchup against Shawn Marcum, who just doesn't seem to be all the way back from his injury.  My problem there is that the hot streak has been going on for a few weeks now and it's got to stop sometime.  Plus, no one had heard of Evan Gattis three weeks ago and it's not the best park factor.  Plus, he'll cost you $3,500 for your FanDuel roster.  Salvador Perez can be had for only $2,400.  One thought on Perez: You should check the weather report... Looks like rain again tonight in KC.
  • Which leads me to another thought...  Pay attention to the weather report and spread out your risk.  Looking at the weather is mostly about rain, but you could also take a look at temperature.  For example, it's supposed to be 37 degrees in Denver tonight.  Nevertheless, I don't think that trumps the matchup and park factor so start your Tampa Rays in the thin air against Jeff Francis.
  • Also, look for superstars at low costs.  Chase Headley (mashing the ball) is only $3,600 and Adam Jones (good matchup) is just $3,900.
Okay, folks... That's all for now.  I may post more later but I can't give away my secrets all at once.  Head over to FanDuel (click here) and show me who's boss!

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