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Friday, May 17, 2013

FanDuel with the Brain

Here we go...  It's Duel time, Brainiacs!!

That's right, folks... It's another duel with the Brain.  Click the logo, or click here to join.  It's ten bucks.  If you beat me, I'll post your comments here and re-tweet your trash talk on Twitter.

And listen, I don't mind promising that since I'm feeling pretty confident today.  I've got a good grasp on today's action over at FanDuel, and I'll give you some of my thoughts right here in a few seconds.

If you aren't familiar with daily fantasy games, just think of it as a one-day fantasy season with huge prizes.  Lots of fun, no commitment.'

Tonight's prizes:
  1. First Prize:  A seat in the prestigious DFBC Finals, plus a trip to Las Vegas!!
  2. Second Prize:  A cool $1,000.
  3. Third Prize: $700
  4. Top 249 get paid... $20 on the low end, which is double the entry fee.
Here are a few thoughts and tips to get you started in our matchup and the other games you might play at FanDuel:

  • First, about the interface itself.  I really like the way you can click a button for each game.  When you do the players for those two teams will appear in the box below, and only the position you have selected if you have narrowed it down in that way.  So in other words, you can click on the Pitchers button and then click on "WAS @ SDP" to see who's going in that matchup.  And, you can do the same for favorable hitting matchups, like "SFG @ COL" for example.
  • Gio Gonzalez is pitching in San Diego tonight which is great, but he costs $8,400.  I think that is a bit too expensive to keep you competitive elsewhere.  I'm leaning toward Jaime Garcia at home for only $6,900 or Jarrod Parker in Oakland for only $5,200.
  • Pablo Sandoval has been on fire and he's in Colorado tonight.  That's $3,600 well spent.
  • It's an interesting night tonight where the worst starting pitchers seem to be pitching in favorable ballparks - Burch Smith for the Padres and Vance Worley in Minnesota.  We've got some of the reverse, too:  Madison Bumgarner in Colorado and Cliff Lee in Philly.
  • Bumgarner might be the worst value of the night at a lofty $8,800.  Too rich for me.
  • Looking at the cheapest players, I was thinking of Ben Revere... but he's not playing again tonight.  Look elsewhere, Brainiacs.
Just a few thoughts my friends...  Weigh in with your comments.  What do you think some good values are tonight?

It should be lots of fun.... I hope to see you over at FanDuel.  And, did I mention you can win a trip to Vegas?  $1,000?  That the top 249 people get paid?

C'mon, give it a click and see if you can beat me:

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