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Monday, February 27, 2012

Degrees of Success

How do you measure success in fantasy sports?  Most blogs and various paid resources out there promise to teach you how to "dominate your draft" and "crush the competition."  I've got to admit that I fully endorse the domination of drafts and crushing of competition, I just don't think it is ethical to promise that you can definitely do it.

What I can promise is a competitive edge.  To help you think more critically and to approach fantasy sports differently than your opponents.  That is what we are all about here - steady improvement and finding areas of market inefficiency.  It's pretty much the Billy Beane approach to getting a leg up on the competition.

So, how should you measure success?  In fantasy football you absolutely have to re-frame the discussion from the win-loss record to the total points scored in the season.  In fantasy baseball it's less cut-and-dried.  Success in fantasy baseball is akin to picking stocks - buying low and watching the value go through the roof.  If you can do that consistently you will field a competitive and winning team.

Fantasy football is like real football: tons of preparation with short bursts of furious activity.  That is why it is so much fun, but it is also why luck unfortunately plays such a large role.  It's the truth.  That luck factor is why you have to move your focus to the total points your team scores over the season.

A few years ago one of my football leagues had a regular season where the number one team was 10-3 and the last place team was 3-10.  Nothing strange about that, except the fact that the last place team scored more points than the first place team.  There is no way to explain that but luck.

I will do everything I can to help you gain an edge on your competition, but you have to look at the points you score as the primary evaluation on your success as a football manager.

This one alteration in your approach will exponentially increase your ability to enjoy your team and have fun with fantasy football, hopefully crushing the competition along the way.

Fantasy baseball on the other hand, is a labor of love.  It has less to do with your draft than fantasy football does...  Your team will require nurturing and daily devotion.  Your team will evolve over the season.  The theories and thought processes associated with that work is what we will talk about in this space and in the materials I am building in the background.

This is a large venture, but the resources are coming.  There may not be a full package available until football season, so in the meantime please reach out to me for personal consultation.  I am happy to work with you individually to talk about your situation and your team.  Let's talk keepers... Let's talk draft... Let's talk waiver wire... I'm here to help.

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